Shipper Services

We Offer Problem Solving and Solutions

Great Southern is in the business of saving you , the customer, time and money. We want you to rely on our experience and knowledge to provide solutions and options to accomplish your transportation needs.

  • When a particular customer recently presented us with a job requiring multiple trucks picking up in Pennsylvania and delivering to Michigan on a strict schedule, we got it done.  The delilveries were made to a jobsite with limited space so everything had to be synchronized with other activities that were happening at the site. We take pride in listening to the customer's needs and executing a plan for success without anyone having to worry if the job is getting done. Getting the information clearly and correctly before moving forward on any job ensures that the customer will not be bothered with repetitive communications asking about details that have already been discussed.
  • As another customer had a little less than two full truckloads in Colorado that needed to be shipped to Ohio, we were able to help keep their costs down and prevent paying a full truckload price for the second load as it was only requiring a fifth of the trailer space. After discussing possible options, Great Southern was able to bridge this gap by contacting another customer in Pennsylvania that had a partial shipment in Iowa that they needed. After settling on rates for each part of the shipment with each customer, we were able to get all freight picked up and delivered respectively. This saved each customer excess charges and time involved in getting their product delivered.